Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a snack story

once upon a time there were three hungry three year olds begging 
for snacks...

they were told  to "get out of the kitchen" a million times
by the mean old lady that was watching them.

but once they finally got their snacks, 
they turned into three happy three years olds...

... who scarfed down their fruits and veggies
like there was no tomorrow.


ps. there was one scavenger who cleaned up the leftovers...

*note: the boy has made two best friends here: eva and isaac.
i love to watch them play together and use there cute three year old imaginations.


deeder6 said...

What an adorable way to serve snacks! BTW I'm sorry you had such a hard week last week. I hope this week is better!

The Mathews Family said...

Oh I used to do the muffin tin snacks and it makes me so nostalgic to see that! *sniff sniff* Have you tried letting them make their own Lunchables yet? I used to let my girls go to town with bologna, Kraft Singles, and fondant cutters. They loved to make their little animal "cracker sandwiches". Okay that's it. My girls are too old. I LOVE the toddler stage. *off to convince Milo to speed things up a bit*...