Sunday, November 8, 2009

you know you're turning into your mother when...

...your hand soap is almost empty,
 so you add a little water 
to get the rest out to use up every drop!

as i unconsciously did this the other day, 
i stopped myself and gasped out loud. 
when did i turn into my mother?

what things do you do that your momma does?


Jessica said...

actually, i do more things like my dad. like in the car when we are at a stop light, i dust the dash with my hand. o boy! so my dad! and it used to drive me crazy that he would do that! eek!

Noel said...

just as long as you never floss like mom. Ha!

Dimples said...

I gave the don't wear your socks outside for the millionth time the other day to my 7 year old. I went over the same points, in the same voice, with the same inflections in my voice as my mom did. I never obeyed, but I remembered every word. I had to call her and tell her. She said she laughs when she hears me say something she has said.